STYLE// Ann Demeulemeester combines her Womenswear and Menswear Shows

Haven't blogged for a while because I've been super busy with Uni deadlines etc. the usual boring stuff but I just read about the Ann Demeulemeester and had to blog INSTANTLY about it.

This is something I feel strongly about, so strongly that I plan to write my Cultural Studies for Fashion Essay about, this term, at Uni.

If there's one thing I hate about the Fashion Industry it's that Men's fashion is treated like the unloved middle child; ignored between all the achievements of Women's Fashion Week and the Couture Shows. After all that the little bit of limelight Men's fashion does get, is restricted by the cultural paradigm of  ' the rules of men's fashion' that irritate me more than probably anything else.

Whilst London Collections: Men is going from strength to strength and gaining stronger footing year on year, it's still nothing compared to the huge spectacle of Fashion Week.

Which is why the Ann Demeulemeester show inspired me this season. She made the (what should be, but is) risky statement of combining both her Menswear and women's show as one. A stroke of brilliance in my eyes as it brought Menswear to the forefront of the fashion industry by force.


LIFE// The Details Network's Newest Contributor

Details is an american monthly men's magazine published by Condé Nast mainly devoted to fashion and lifestyle. They have recently launched a bloggers network appropriately named "Details Network", which in Details' own words, 'showcases luxury men's content from participating sites that are handpicked by [their] editors' that 'show a high degree of originality and excellence' and I am more than privileged to have become a part of the Details Network, where I plan to share some, if not all of my posts in the future. The network also allows readers to vote for posts and therefore promote the bloggers with the most votes as 'top contributors'.

To look at some of the other contributors click here.


STYLE// London Today

It's been a rainy day here in London today, for a change. Have a look at how the people of London are handling the weather


STYLE// All I Want for Christmas is Stuff

Christmas is fast approaching, just over one week away now in fact. As well as student christmas (student loan day) shortly after, so naturally all I can think about is what I'm going to be buying myself after christmas, hopefully during the sales. So far I've noted the following:

I need to find a good alternative to the Asos Tiny Beanie because I've lost mine and I used to wear it all the time but Asos no longer stock them. I also need a new Bandana as the one I usually wear wasn't mine and I had to give it back, as well as the leather cap from American Apparel which I think I'll wear quite often. Then I plan on buying some heavily distressed jeans, i've seen a really nice pair at H&M but I can't find them on the website. Finally I want the leather jacket pictured above from Topman which I tried on and is sooooooo nice.

None of the above photos belong to me


STYLE// Shoreditch Street Style

Today I went shopping in BOXPARK in Shoreditch which is basically a cluster of little pop up shops with some really cool stuff. I bought a palm tree print jumper from one of the shops called Gu-Gu which was very cool and will be posted on my instagram later. Below you can see some of my street style pictures from today...


LIFE// Maria Grachvogel SS14

Although my blog does focus on mens' style I do appreciate a womenswear show occasionally which is why this post is filed under lifestyle and not style. Today I had the opportunity to attend the Maria Grachvogel SS14 show and it was amazing, above you can see what I personally thought were the highlights of the show.

LIFE// Street Style Highlights from yet another Fashion Week


LIFE// Follow my Instagram

I've been pretty inactive from blogging lately because nothing in my life is really worth blogging lately... However the little, vaguely interesting moments of my life are all chronicled on my instagram so if any of you have missed me even a little bit, follow my instagram: JCKJNSS


LIFE// London College of Fashion

If you've been following the blog's twitter you'll know the reason for my lack of activity is that I've been really busy with my exams, which thankfully are now all over, as well as uni interviews.

To cut a long story short, one of those interviews was with London College of Fashion and since the interview I've been offered a conditional offer to attend which obviously I'm ecstatic about.

I'd heard all sorts of horror stories about the interview process and unsurprisingly some of them were true but not all of them. I'll be moving to London in september so you can look forward to all sorts of updates about that as well as lot more blog posts as of september since I'll be so close to so many fashion opportunities.


LIFE// My Birthday

My birthday was a little over a week ago now and it was really great. my parents were really generpus and bought me, Prada and Jean Paul Gaultier aftershave along with my iPhone 5 and a new pair of black 510s as well as some money to go shopping with, which I've spent on a really nice bonded cotton jacket which I'll save for outfit posts and the suede brogues you can see above, as well as a few other things.

my friends were so generous as well, from the lot I ended up getting a beautiful soft yellow check shirt from Cos, a white textured jumper from Zara, some all black converse, a mug (better than it sounds), Tom Ford Black Orchid, two bottles of Vodka, a book called Fashion Scandinavia, that I've had my eye on since fashion week and some all white  Air Force Ones and the new Justin Timberlake album from my girlfriend. I'm also told there is more to come...

All in all a great 18th birthday...